Jeep Cherokee 2inch


Bought the kit from rustys offroad, the 2inch budget lift to clear 30x9.50's. The 30's cleared but rubbed a little in the front at full turn of the wheel, we incorporated this lift as it does not require extra brake length, a SYE kit, and its all componets that we can include into future suspension lifts. (not spend money on stuff were gonna take out later) Spray every bolt that will be touched during the install with blaster at least 5 days in advance. This does give a noticeable lift, not too shabby for the money.

Stock Height

Stock Height

Stock Heigh

Wheel removed

Note this, when you go to rent these things, make sure you get the ones that go on the outside of the wheel

Coil removed

We had to move the compressors over, they started walking and wouldnt fit back in the seat.

Shot of the front done, big difference: NO RUBBING

We ordered new leaf spring plates and u-bolt hardware

Lift shackle.

Lift shackle right, stock shackle left.

All done