96 Jeep Cherokee Valve Cover Swap

The Start

Pic of Valve Cover

Everybody should own a chilton's for their make/model

Replaced the throttle body gasket and cleaned the throttle body too while we were there

You have to remove all the linkage and the throttle body from the vavle cover

Remove all bolts that hold the valve cover on, remeber that there is one way far in the back

valve cover off, real nice and clean, signs that the oil was changed on time

valvetrain - warning, do not get any dirt or anything in the valvetrain

new gasket that was supplied with the valve cover

i layed all the old bolts to where they were when they came off, but the valve cover supplied new bolts to put on

pic of inside of valve cover

valve cover fits perfect

i bought new grommets and elbows from the local chrysler dealer, p/n's are for the grommets - 2946079, you need two of these, the other part numbers for the elbows are 53030495 and 53030497, they should be two different colors, the black one goes in the front toward the grille and the grey one goes near the back for the firewall

another pic with grommet from inside, note - the middle grommet is for the breather i bought, its a edelbrock one push in style, i couldnt find a oil cap so i got one of those, i think the inlet is 1 and 1/4 inch

here is nice pic with the grommets, elbows and breather, note what color elbow goes where

new fel-pro throttle body gasket, p/n at advance auto parts is 19780107 CARBURETOR GASKET

throttle body and gasket back on with linkage

finished product