1997 Jeep Wrangler Safari Snorkle

measuring the hole

cutting the hole, we used a 2 1/2 inch bit

stock setup box, this snorkle required us to use the stock box

Junked the stock filter for the k&n

orignial Safari Snorkle box, ordered off Quadratek

k&n drop in filter

hole drilled

the old intake with the pipe and cone filter

drilling the holes that holds the bottom of the snorkle

kris measuring where to cut the hole for the air box

the snorkle in porportion

here is the template provided with the snorkle to cut the hole

kris cleaning the air box out from old dirt

sanding down the hole
heres the delima, the metal piece hanging on the side is where the battery mounts to, well underneath the battery is a small cubby hole with a box sensor that connects to the header and goes into the interior, anyways you gotta remount the box, but it cant go too far because the cord isnt too long

stock box fitting


using rvt gasket maker to make sure its air tight so no water gets in, this is probably the most important part, good idea is to seal it, then let it cure for 12-24 hours, then fill your bath tub up and try out the box to make sure no water gets in

we didnt own a pop rivet gun (blue thing) so we borrowed one from scotties dad, so thank you scotties dad, the black thing is what the snorkle connects to (thats why you cut the hole and plug the other hole)
kris making sure the box is air tight

measuring the hole

checking the air box

completed air box with k&n

another pic of completed air box with k&n

drilled holes for the plate that attaches to the snorkle, be careful not to drill too far otherwise you will go into the interior

galvanized the holes we drilled to prevent rust

snorkle fitting

this isnt required but we decided to get a new battery, we got a optima battery because the other one was old and dying

josh, thor, grant, and cory all the way to the right eating taco bell burrito 3am at night

pic of air box to intake manifold

this is the pic of the box, we decided to mount it to the top of the optima battery with zip ties

under the hood completed

final touches

relocating the sensor

strapping down the sensor to the top of the battery

pic of the finished product

another pic of the finished product

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